- A Global Network -

with the Strongest Supply Channels

- A Global Network -

with the Strongest Supply Channels

Our Features

We’re a team of industry experts bringing you specialized support and peak professionalism since 2011. IBBUY caters to your supply needs with the skilled and efficient service you’ve come to expect. Expand your business with the world’s most competitive product sourcing.


  • We’re up to speed on every market trend, including the brands and items that are right for YOU.


  • New or unusual requests? We’ll respond with speed and give you our total focus.

Competitive Pricing

  • IBBUY connects you with closeout opportunities, along with regular and special line products in excellent proximity.


  • Access the well-known, niche, or in-demand brands you’re looking to acquire.

Mature Logistics Solutions

  • We facilitate cross-border ecommerce alongside traditional trade.


IBBUY is a resourceful and connected trading company giving you insider access to the brands and products that will elevate your business. Those out-of-reach designer fashions? That innovative tech gadget from another part of the world? The popular makeup line your customers demand? You know the items you want in your inventory. We’re here to open the supply doors!

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What We Do

IBBUY brings well-known, emerging, and boutique brands from Europe and the US to the Asia market. We buy and sell products in a range of categories, including apparel, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, skincare, personal care, health care, mother and baby, electronics, and many more.

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We’ll connect you with the products and deals to level-up your sales and business.

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