Philosophy skin care is one of the best selling lines of skin, body, and facial care available on the market today. Developed by a former CEO of a research lab, this brand strives to make skin look so good that "makeup is optional."

The company's creator and CEO, Cristina Carlino, used to head the research firm BioMedic. Now, she uses her knowledge to create a line of products that enhance and invigorate all kinds of skin. She also invented the now popular "micro-peel" and trains professionals to use her techniques. Carlino emphasizes simplicity and beauty in the making and marketing of her products. Baby pictures from employees' personal books are used on product packaging and within the company website. Lowercase letters are used throughout to embrace the child in everyone. Several other areas of importance are emphasized by Carlino.

Philosophy products are based on the idea that beauty does not correlate with skin color, gender, or age. Simplicity and balance should be found through thinking and feeling. A person should maintain integrity and health in appearance.